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The Bible is filled with many scriptures that compare the marriage covenant on earth with the covenant between the Creator and His people.

After the Exodus, Moses presented the children of Israel with the terms of one such covenant, the Ten Commandments written with the finger of the Holy One of Israel, which they accepted wholeheartedly with a resounding I do.

Love for The One True God, shown by obedience to His Word, is the basis on which this covenant is still extended to all who would believe.

Abba's Covenant Oil is a delicate blend of 4 fragrances that represent the three participants of the Biblical Marriage Covenant: Bridegroom...Frankincense & Myrrh; Bride...Spikenard; and the Holy Spirit...Hyssop. 

In the Marriage vows, the Bridegroom oil and the Bride oil are blended. The Jews call this as part of the Ketuba ... "it is written" ... the covenant between the husband and the wife.