HCO : East Texas Cedar

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East Texas Cedar is also known as Pencil Cedar, Red Cedar, Virginia Juniper, Red Juniper and Carolina Cedar.  This tree can be found scattered throughout East Texas, usually in fencerows, on gravelly ridges or on dry, rocky hillsides.  The heartwood is distinctly red or red-brown and the sapwood white which makes for a very striking effect especially when finished for interior woodwork.  The wood is aromatic, soft, strong and very durable.  This wood is popular for fence posts, poles, woodenware, millwork, paneling, closets, chests and pencils.  The tree also produces juniper berries which as a popular winter food supply for many birds.  It is very smooth in the hand and easy to hold.

The picture of three HoldingCrosses is for illustration purposes only to show grain variance.  The HoldingCross price is for each one.

As with all of our crosses, there were no stains or lacquers used to finish your cross; only a natural oil which is hand-rubbed and polished to enhance the woods natural beauty.