HCO-Fancy Quarter-Sawn Sycamore

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Quarter-Sawn Sycamore is an American hardwood, and often referred to as American Lacewood.  Its scientific name is Platanus occidentals and can be found in the eastern half of the US including Texas and Nebraska.

These were once considered the “giants” of the forest beyond the Allegheny Mountains.    The older and larger trees were usually found hollow.  They were harvested, cut and dried, and used for food storage during the long winter months.  Many a mountain traveler took refuge in the hollow of a fallen Sycamore during a storm.  While still considered the largest of the hardwood trees of the American forest, yesteryear’s giants have long fallen.

The beauty of this wood is its creamy light to tan color, occasionally with reddish-brown hues, coupled with its irregular grain causing a fine, lace-like appearance.  The greenish-to-greyish-to-black coloring is caused by spalting which is a fungus that took root in the tree thus the designation as "Fancy".

Price noted is for 1 HoldingCross.  The picture of multiple crosses is to share with you the diversity of the wood.

As with all of our crosses, there were no stains or lacquers used to finish your cross; only a natural oil which is hand-rubbed and polished to enhance the woods natural beauty.