HCO : Shedua, Curly : West & Central Africa

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It was hard to decide on a name for this beautiful African wood because it is known by so many different and seemingly unrelated labels.

Amazaque is a perfectly correct name for the wood, and is the preferred name in Europe, Africa and the Far East.  Guibourtia ehie of the Family Leguminosae, is also known as amazoue, ovenkol, hyeduanini, ovangkol, kolima, anokye, ehie, amazahoue, and shedua.

The wood is found most often in rain forest and traditional forest areas in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Southern Nigeria and Gabon.

Shedua is dense hard wood from West and Central Africa with beautiful tan-brown background with fine black striping, although pieces vary from tan through dark to black. Shedua will darken over time from a golden brown to a darker brown under the black striping.

It is another of our "tonal" woods ans it is used in making fine musical instruments.

Although the "regular" shedua is beautiful, the quartersawn shedua is georgeous!

Some woods appear to have that quality of being able to look into the wood.  The depth of the curl and grain, the color variation in light.  The wood we have right now is particularly distinct and "alive" with color and light. 

The picture of two HoldingCrosses is for illustration purposes only to show grain variance.  The HoldingCross price is for each one.