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This is one of the best kept secrets of North American  woods. American sycamore is also called American lacewood as the grain shows a lacy characteristic, especially when the wood is quarter-sawn at the mill.

The giant Sycamores that once grew in the midwestern states were sometimes called a poor mans silo.  The center of these giant trees were usually hollow.  The farmers back in the 1800's and early 1900's would cut off the tops of the trees to create a "silo" for their grain.   

One little girl came to our display one day and commented that the sycamore grain looked a little like raindrops on the window. 

The color of this wood is generally a variance of light tan. Sometimes, the wood has darker colors of steel grey or medium brown mixed in, depending on the specific board and character of the tree. Look also at the FANCY SYCAMORE for wood with more color and character. The picture of two HoldingCrosses is for illustration purposes only to show grain variance.  The HoldingCross price is for each one.