Gift Boxes (set of 3)

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Let's make gift giving even easier.  Our HoldingCrosses come in an organza bag and many just love that packaging. But, we now offer these very handy white Pillow boxes. The HoldingCrossesand organza bag fit perfectly in the box to make it extra special. 

The boxes are made of stirdy chipboard construction and are very easy to get ready for your gift. No tape needed as the overlapping flaps seal the box and add just enough strength to pop the box into a "pillow" style container. The gloss finish on the boxes make them extra special and give a very clean look.

Included in this offering are:
- three pillow boxes including three pieces of tissue paper along with gold loopers as shown in the picture

The boxes come flat and each one measures 7" x 5.5" x 2"

For a creative touch, you can decorate the boxes with stickers, markers, or whatever your heart desires. 


Please note:  These boxes can be added to your order but cannot be ordered separately.