Oak , Red , Fancy : American

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This a widely distributed and well known wood of North America is one of the most common hardwoods found in North America.  Its scientific name is Quercus rubra.  Of all the hardwoods in the USA, this wood outsells all others !  

This open-grained wood can be found in ship building, furniture making, cabinetry and wood paneling. It is common to see furniture pieces that are stained to look even more "red".  Many tables, chairs and even church pews you see are from the Red Oak tree.

The picture you see is from a red oak tree that was harvested here in Texas.  The color has a "hint of red" but, since we don't stain our wood, is much lighter than store bought furniture.

The beauty of this wood is its light brown color with a reddish tinge.  The details of the grain in the wood enhance the color and look of this very popular wood, thus, the designation as "Fancy".

Price noted is for 1 HoldingCross.  The picture of multiple crosses is to share with you the diversity of the wood.

As with all of our crosses, there were no stains or lacquers used to finish your cross; only a natural oil which is hand-rubbed and polished to enhance the woods natural beauty.