BookMark : Assortment of 10 (22-23)

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A bookmark traditionally has been used to keep track of a reader’s progress in a Bible or book.  It was made primarily of  card stock, leather or fabric.  However, we see The HoldingCross BookMarker having many fun uses as an insert in a card, letter or package to convey a special message of scripture or thought.  It can be posted on a bulletin board or refrigerator.  The message may be the one you wish to share or remember.  East and fun to use and share.

BookMarkers are an easy and fun way to help share the Gospel.  All BookMarkers are printed on durable cover paper.  Some may have ribbons, rhinestones or charms and some not.  Each are individually packaged in a cellophane bag to protect it.

The selection is our choice.  If you are looking for multiples of a particular BookMarker, please contact us.

Remember, a gift doesn’t always have to be wrapped in paper and tied with a bow—it is always a gesture of the heart.