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This Large MinistryPack contains 10 HoldingCrosses.  The woods chosen for this assortment usually contain the following North American woods : Black Cherry, Black Walnut, White Oak, Pecan, Ash, Red Oak, Sycamore and Soft Maple.  Please note the selection is contingent upon what is available at the time of purchase; however, it will be an assortment.  Sorry, no substitutes.

Many customers purchase one of our MinistryPacks just to have a few HoldingCrosses available for when the Lord places someone on their heart and there is an opportunity to minister, bless or reach out to someone.

As with all of our crosses, there were no stains, lacquers or preservatives used to finish your cross; only a natural oil which is hand-rubbed and polished to enhance the woods natural beauty.  When you hold our crosses, you are “feeling” the wood and “seeing” the wood as God created it.  No two are alike as boards will vary in color and graining due the environmental conditions it was produced.  The shine on the cross is related to the amount of “resin” in the make-up of the wood itself.  The more resin the higher the shine.

Crosses are handcrafted in our Palestine, Texas (USA) facility offering the highest quality.Crosses do not require polishing.  Holding your cross will allow the oils from your hands to go into the wood and create a soft, patina glow.  Never use oil or olive oil on our crosses.

Each cross comes in an organza bag with a StoryTag telling the name of the wood and a StoryScroll which contains suggested prayers, CareGiving stories and other information.  We do not offer seconds or damaged crosses.  Our crosses are all first quality and handcrafted in our shop by our family.

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    10 pack crosses

    Posted by PJ-OK on 24th Oct 2023

    I love these. I will be giving each of my bible study ladies a cross.

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    Large Ministers Pack

    Posted by T-OK on 24th Oct 2023

    We use these crosses with our hospice patients. So easy to hold and they all love them. I am so thankful for your company and for fellow Christian's spreading God's love.

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    Posted by KBBB on 31st Aug 2023

    You have a business that is faith based, and I appreciate what you do and the approach that you take. Your personal service levels have always been high, with warmth and kindness. I know I can count on you to provide my order to be a great blessing to me and to all who receive the crosses. Thank you.

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    Large MinistryPack

    Posted by Healthcare on 26th Aug 2023

    We are a healthcare provider and offer these to our patients. We have a bowl in our lobby for those who enter and would like one. We have been ordering for years and our patients tell us how much the crosses mean to them and the peace and comfort they feel. This is such an easy way to share with others.

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    The Best Gift

    Posted by Shauna on 15th Aug 2023

    I love getting the Ministry package....I always have a cross on hand! These are the best gifts. You can also get one engraved. Love these

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    Large Ministry Pack

    Posted by DeDe (Arizona) on 13th Jul 2023

    I am a pastor at a church and plan to retire in little over a year. As a going away gift to the staff, all throughout the year of 2023, I am going to give a holding cross to a staff person on their birthday. I will place the crosses in a basket and they can choose the cross that "speaks" to them during the staff meeting. I did this about 9 years ago with a different staff, and they were all moved by it. I remember at that time you had an ebony cross, and I gave it to our pianist on his birthday (since black keys on the piano used to made with ebony wood). He still mentions it whenever I speak with him. I am so excited to provide these holding crosses to the staff of our church.

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    Holding cross 10 pack

    Posted by Connie Fegley on 20th Jun 2023

    I met Jack and Carol years ago when I purchased my first holding cross, many years ago. My husband and I now live in a retirement community and I'm the chair of our Spiritual Life Committee. My own ministry has grown into keeping a cross with me all the time, and when the Spirit nudges, I offer it to someone. Only once did a person decline; these crosses are now all over the place! I truly see these beloved crosses as a cornerstone of my ministry -- and me. I keep my own in bed and hold it every night.

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    Holding Crosses - They Are The BEST!

    Posted by Kelly Nation on 7th Jun 2023

    I just purchased either my 5th or 6th ministry pack of holding crosses. They are such a great gift to give when someone is going through a tough time or for graduation gifts or christening gifts. A friend gave me one 15 years ago and mine means so much to me. I pray with it all the time. They are so beautiful too.

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    Absolutely beautiful!

    Posted by Jen Brown-Murphy on 16th Feb 2023

    These are my favorite holding crosses to use and purchase. I was given one years ago by my Stephen minister and they are beautiful, the perfect size, smooth, and each is unique. It is a wonderful way to have something tangible to hold while praying or when words just don't come. I gift them to our Confirmands each year and to those who are struggling and I feel it may bring them comfort.