MinistryPack : SMALL : Domestic Woods (5 crosses) : Save $25.00

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This Small MinistryPack contains an assortment of 5 HoldingCrosses from woods of the $20.00 price point.

The assortment will be selected from the following woods : Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Pecan, Soft Maple, Ash, Red Oak, White Oak and Sycamore.  Please note the selection is contingent upon what is available at the time of purchase; however, it will be an assortment.  Sorry, no substitutes.

Many customers purchase one of our MinistryPacks just to have a few HoldingCrosses available for when the Lord places someone on their heart and there is an opportunity to minister, bless or reach out to someone.

As with all of our crosses, there were no stains, lacquers or preservatives used to finish your cross; only a natural oil which is hand-rubbed and polished to enhance the woods natural beauty.  When you hold our crosses, you are “feeling” the wood and “seeing” the wood as God created it.  No two are alike as boards will vary in color and graining due the environmental conditions it was produced.  The shine on the cross is related to the amount of “resin” in the make-up of the wood itself.  The more resin the higher the shine.

Crosses are handcrafted in our Palestine, Texas (USA) facility offering the highest quality.Crosses do not require polishing.  Holding your cross will allow the oils from your hands to go into the wood and create a soft, patina glow.  Never use oil or olive oil on our crosses.

Each cross comes in an organza bag with a StoryTag telling the name of the wood and a StoryScroll which contains suggested prayers, CareGiving stories and other information.  We do not offer seconds or damaged crosses.  Our crosses are all first quality and handcrafted in our shop by our family.