Pray-n-Pause Fish

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Sometimes we get in a hurry with our prayers.  They seem so important and timely for the now.  We serve a God that hears our prayers even before we ask.  He also answers our prayers.
The relationship you have with your Heavenly Father is the most important relationship you have. Jesus died on the Cross to provide the way for you to have that relationship with the Father. It demands time, energy and space.

Sometimes finding time and space in our modern lifestyle to be still and abide can be a challenge. Our Pray-n-Pause™ Beads have been developed with relationship as its focal purpose.

We have included intentional beads to “pause” on and intentional beads to “pray” on. Rather than praying from bead-to-bead; take time to pause for reflection, connection and just listening.

Relax and receive what the word of God has for you. Abide and feel the peace and comfort of the Lord. Be still and know that He is God. God loves you and wants to commune with you. No matter where you are physically, spiritually and mentally, using these beads in prayer are a tactile reminder to slow down, be silent and take in the goodness of the Lord.
The beads on the Pray-n-Pause™ Beads are made from Olive Wood from The Holy Land area.
Strung on an heirloom quality wire, these beads are made to use again and again and again. A pewter ICHTHUS completes the beads.

The Greek spelling for ichthus is  -- Iota, Chi, Theta, Upsilon, and Sigma.  The English translation is IXOYE.  The five Greek letters stand for the words meaning, "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior." The Greek rendering is, "Iesous Christos, Theou Uios, Soter".

The overall length of the Pray-N-Pause 7 is approximately 10" with a 2" Cross.

We offer two variations of Pray-N-PauseTM Beads; we use the filigree heart or the ICHTHUS.

The heart at the "end" of the Pray-N-Pause is a simple reminder that these prayers are your prayers from your heart. 

The ICHTHUS is a reminder that Jesus is your Lord and your Savior in all things. 

There are seven large and seven small beads in the design of the Pray-N-Pause. The large beads are for your "prayer" and the seven small beads are for your "pause".  Seven is the biblical number representing Spiritual Perfection.